Aug 31, 2023

Update 217 of 236

The Latest and Greatest from Crowd Supply

"Now is the time to understand more, so we fear less." — Marie Curie

New: GGtag

GGtag is a sound-programmable e-paper badge with USB serial programming and 125 kHz RFID emulation.

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Coming Soon: ZimaBlade

ZimaBlade is a single-board x86 personal server.

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In Stock: Pixel Pump

Pixel Pump is an open source manual pick and place machine for PCB artisans.

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In Stock: Gliss

Bela’s new Gliss touch-control Eurorack synth module has RGB LEDs for intuitive visual feedback.

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In Stock: Infinite Noise TRNG

Infinite Noise TRNG is a secure, open hardware true random number generator.

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In Stock: ULX3S

ULX3S is a fully open source, compact, balanced, and affordable dev board for the Lattice ECP5 FPGA.

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Update Roundup

MNT Pocket Reform goes to Teardown 2023 and CCCamp23.

LimeSDR XTRX makes improvements.

HealthyPi 5 gets a new enclosure.

RTK Rover tests post-processing kinematics.

uSDR supports ham frequencies.

Precursor enjoys quality of life improvements.

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