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Dec 28, 2017

Project update 18 of 26

Initial Software Releases

Now that orders are being shipped, it’s time to go over the initial software release so everybody will be able to use their Signet.

Signet Website Launched

The Signet site has launched and will have the most current information on software releases, though I’ll continue to provide information on major milestones in Signet campaign updates like this one. The site is a work in progress, but should contain all essential information to get started with Signet.

Feel free to contact me at contact(at) if you have a problem getting the software, or file a bug in one of the Nth Dimension GitHub repositories.

For general questions about the product or the campaign, you can ask a question through Crowd Supply.

Software Development Status

Software goals are behind schedule: After the campaign I discovered software problems and tasks unrelated to any specific feature that offset the feature development schedule. Additionally, solving manufacturing problems concurrently with software development was very difficult for me as an individual developer.

The desktop client is available for download, but the feature that allows you to create new types of data is still in development. The client does allow you to create Misc entries, which have no required fields and allow you to add multiple custom fields to each entry. I will make sure you can move Misc entries into custom types in later releases. You can also add custom fields to Accounts and bookmarks to store Notes and other associated data. All other desktop client features demonstrated in the campaign are available.

Development of the KeePass and Pass database integrations are in progress. I am able to read these Databases within the Signet client but I still need to develop the software to generate the write commmands to upload the data to Signet. Finishing these integrations is my next priority so those of you who have existing password databases can import them into Signet.

The command line tools are partially complete. There is a single command line binary that can run various sub-commands, which currently include sub-commands for all device management functions, such as initialization, database backup and restore, etc. I will do an initial release after I have tested the command line interface on all platforms. There will be a subsequent release that will add sub-commands to operate on individual database entries. You can follow the progress on the command line tool’s GitHub repo.

The Android client is in an experimental state and still needs additional development and testing before release.

Software Development Timeline

January goals:

February goals:

Once the second command line interface release is done, I will move on to working on browser plugins.

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