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Jan 02, 2018

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Keyboard Layout Issue

All of the crowdfunded orders have been shipped out. Up until now, most reports I’ve received suggest the devices and the software are working well. However, now that Signets are arriving at destinations outside the US I’ve recieved reports of incorrect keys being generated due to the Signet client’s fixed US English keyboard layout.

Keyboard Layout Configuration

I’m fixing the problem by adding keyboard layout settings to the client. There are challenges with trying to query the host operating system for the layout due the disparate ways that different OSs and OS versions handle locales and keyboard layouts. To avoid adding too much complexity to the client, I will make the device generate a sequence of key codes during configuration and capture the resulting generated keys to derive the key mapping. This solution should be very robust at the small cost of a short setup step when running the client for the first time on a new computer.

Fix in Next Release

I will make a new release in the next day or two that will add keyboard layout management. I have created a widget implementing the feedback-based configuration method described above, but it needs more testing and improvement before I will release it. If you want a solution sooner, I will post a link to a test version on the GitHub issue comments.

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