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Sep 22, 2015

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Announcing the Numato Opsis Champion Program

Hello Backers!

With the campaign already over 120%, we know that some of you are super impatient to get your hands on an Opsis board and might be happy to live on the bleeding edge. We have a limited number of "pre-production" boards left over from the prototyping run and rather than having them sit around collecting dust, would like to send them to people who will do cool things with them! Hence we are happy to announce the "Numato Opsis Champion" program.

Order a Numato Opsis board at, then tell us about your project and why you can’t wait by filling out this Google Form before Friday, 2nd October ends AoE. The form has only 3 short questions for you to fill out! For the best entries, we will ship a pre-production board for free. As these boards are already manufactured, they will ship well before the campaign ends! Winners will of course also receive their ordered production board like every other backer.

We don’t have any set criteria for evaluating the entries but are looking for people who are going to do something awesome or something which helps the community. Anything from helping write sample code, porting existing projects to the board, using the board for event capture or in some type of artwork or performance, to even just plugging the board into everything you can find are all potential winners. We are sure we haven’t even imagined some of the cool things you will come up with.

As you will be receiving a pre-production Opsis, well before our planned shipping date, you need to be prepared to deal with things like incomplete documentation, missing or incomplete tooling and sample code, things which just plain don’t work. Please understand the ride will be bumpier than what people will get when receiving the production boards. These prototyping boards are functional but did require some small manual fix ups to work correctly (which have already been done by us) and are a bit rougher than the final boards.

Look forward to hearing about all the cool things you want to do!

Cheers, TimVideos & Numato Lab

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