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Sep 25, 2015

Project update 4 of 11

Announcing Stretch Goals!

Hello Backers!

With the campaign already at 144% and still a little under 5 weeks left, we have been trying to come up with good ideas on how to keep the momentum going. We want to get the Opsis board into the hands of as many people as possible because it increases the number of cool things that happen. While we are certain that you all will continue to spread the word, we thought that some extra incentives couldn’t hurt!

With that in mind, I’m happy to announce that with every 25 boards that are ordered as part of the campaign, a stretch goal will be completed, unlocking new purchase options or getting more stuff included with your Numato Opsis board.

Goal 1 @ 25 boards - Crowdfunding campaign is successful and people get Numato Opsis boards
Already completed, you all rock!

Goal 2 - 50 boards - Unlock the "Low speed I/O" TOFE board for purchase

While the Numato Opsis board has a massive amount of high speed I/O interfaces, it doesn’t include many features for interfacing with more pedestrian speed devices such as buttons or LEDs. To help solve this problem, we are currently designing the "Low speed I/O" TOFE board. While the board has yet to be finalized, the following features will probably be included;

When more than 50 boards are ordered from the campaign, we’ll open up the purchase of this board for $25USD.

Goal 3 - 75 boards - Unlock the "Milkymist Compatibility" TOFE board for purchase

The Numato Opsis is already very similar to the Milkymist and Mixxeo devices created by M-Labs. It is however missing a couple of features those boards have. This TOFE board is designed to cover those remaining missing features and will include;

When more than 75 boards are ordered from the campaign, we’ll open up the purchase of this board for $35USD.

Goal 4 - 100 boards - Everyone gets a "Low speed I/O" TOFE board with their Numato Opsis board!

If more than 100 boards are ordered from the campaign, we will have hit a large enough economy of scale that we can include one of the "Low speed I/O" TOFE board with every Numato Opsis board order.

People will be able to add either one of the boards to their existing purchase for free. People who had already ordered the TOFE board will have the option of being refunded their money.

I hope that gets everyone even more excited about the Numato Opsis board and what you can do with them. We really want to do all these things, so it is up to you to get the word out! The campaign page will be updated shortly.

Tim ‘mithro’ Ansell (from TimVideos) and Tom (from Numato Lab)

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