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FPGA-based Open Video Platform

Dec 21, 2015

Project update 10 of 11

An Update on Shipping

Hello Backers,

Firstly, I want to apologize for the radio silence since the campaign was successfully funded — we have been super busy getting production up and running and developing the tools needed to make using your Opsis and the new expansion boards a great experience!

On that note, we are planning on starting to ship the Opsis boards very soon. We have had a couple of setbacks in the production process but are working hard so that the majority of you still receive your boards before your delivery date. The updated delivery schedule is as follows;

After the devices are received by Crowd Supply, they will endeavor to get them shipped to backers ASAP. (For backers in India, the boards will be shipped directly from Numato rather than through Crowd Supply.)

There has also been some confusion delivery dates of the TOFE expansion boards. Both types of expansion boards will ship ** * with * ** your Opsis board(s) as one package.

This also means that if you put in a pre-order before the end of December, we will try and get it included in the second group so you should receive your boards before the end of February!

After boards are received by Crowd Supply, their crew will then shipped the individual boards to backers. It is important that your shipping address is correct * before * Crowd Supply start this process. Please check this now and contact support to have it corrected if wrong.

Wishing everyone a happy holidays! TimVideos & Numato Lab

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