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IcyBlue FPGA Feather

A Feather-based iCE40 FPGA board for rapid development

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IcyBlue FPGA Feather is a breadboard-friendly, battery-backed, intuitive platform for FPGA development using a Lattice iCE40 FPGA. As the name suggests, IcyBlue FPGA Feather comes in the Adafruit Feather form factor, which means it can draw on a large ecosystem of compatible FeatherWing boards to extend its capabilities using a variety of sensors, actuators, and other interfaces.

The board provides a standard FTDI FT232H USB FIFO bridge as the programming interface to load your projects quickly onto the 2 MB SPI FLASH. In addition to the 22 GPIO broken out along the Feather’s headers, two additional GPIO are dedicated to user LEDs for that initial "blink" experience.

The onboard ICE5LP4K FPGA has dedicated RGB pins capable of driving a bright and compact Cree UHD1110 RGB LED. The onboard Microchip MCP73831 lithium polymer battery charger with a 100 mA programmed charge rate opens up plenty of mobile and embedded possibilities.

Use Cases

IcyBlue FPGA Feather incorporates the Lattice ICE5LP4K FPGA, a blank canvas in a tidy package for both novice and professional FPGA developers. IcyBlue FPGA Feather is well suited for many kinds of projects, including:

Features & Specifications

Open Source

Check out the IcyBlue FPGA Feather GitHub repository for EagleCAD schematic and layout files, a datasheet, sample code, and other documentation.

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About the Team

Oak Development Technologies

Saratoga Springs, UT  ·  oakdevtech  ·  Oak-Development-Technologies  ·  oakdev.tech

Creator of electronics development boards to help novice and professionals bring their projects to life.

Seth Kerr


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