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Nov 24, 2020

Project update 16 of 18

Field Report: Simple Circuit Management with Onion Omega2 Dash

by Mariusz Duka

This simple project shows how you can use the Omega2 Dash and Omega2 Pro to manage an external electrical circuit via a secure user interface. While simple, it’s a good example of the capabilities of the Omega ecosystem and can serve as the basis for building much larger and more complex projects.

The project software is written in Python and Micropython using the LittleV graphics library. Hardware-wise, the Omega2 Pro is equipped with the RFID and NFC relay extensions. In all, I used the following hardware:

The Omega2 Pro reads the temperature value from the sensor and, using the Relay Extension module, switches the voltage in the circuit. The Omega2 Dash communicates with the Omega2 Pro using socket connections to provide user feedback and a UI.

You can learn all about the project, including code samples and step-by-step construction and configuration details at the project repo.

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