Onion Omega2 Dash

An open-source touchscreen & Wi-Fi-connected Linux dev board

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May 13, 2020

Project update 11 of 18

Shipping Soon

by Crowd Supply

The Omega2 Dash products have been received at Crowd Supply’s warehouse, and are being processed for shipment.

Our warehouse facility is still operating at this time, with the appropriate precautions in place. We expect that some orders will begin shipping next week, but it may take a few weeks for all of the pending orders to be shipped, since there are a lot of orders. Thanks for your patience, we’re excited to deliver the Dash products to you!

Now is a good time to check the delivery address in your account and update or change it if needed. Please keep in mind that some couriers may not be delivering to businesses that are closed due to COVID-19. We recommend using a delivery address that you know is accessible, to avoid any issues with delivery. If you have specific questions regarding your order status, you can contact the Crowd Supply Support team for assistance.

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