Onion Omega2 Pro

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A tiny, open source, plug-and-play Linux dev board with Wi-Fi and lots of storage

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OpenWrt 18.06 and NodeJS 8.10.0

Hi everyone,

First off, all of us here at Onion would like to wish you happy holidays and a happy new year! The Omega2 Pro campaign is over 240% funded and we’re blown away by your support!

We wanted to take a moment to offer some details on the software of the Omega2 Pro:

  • The Operating System is an Onion-customized version of

OpenWrt 18.06 running Linux kernel version 4.14

  • Users will be able to install and use NodeJS v8.10.0!!
  • NPM (Node Package Manager) will now be able to install Node

packages that require compilation - since gcc and make can easily fit on the gigabytes of available storage

  • On the Python side, users can choose either Python 2.7 or

Python 3.6

  • Similar to NPM, PIP will be able to install Python packages

that require compilation

That’s all for now, happy new year!

-Team Onion

$44,763 raised

of $10,000 goal

447% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


Omega2 Pro

An Omega2 Pro IoT Computer so you can get a head start on your projects in the new year!


Omega2 Pro Essentials Collection

An Omega2 Pro and our essential, most popular OLED and Ethernet Expansions. Build projects with a small physical display, that can use wireless or wired networking.


Omega2 Pro Ultimate Collection

An Omega2 Pro and the whole family of available Expansions: NFC/RFID Expansion, ADC Expansion, GPS Expansion, OLED Expansion, Servo (PWM) Expansion, Relay Expansion, Ethernet Expansion, Proto Expansion



Onion is a team of technology enthusiasts, creators, and strivers, looking to make amazing products and even better user experiences. Onion has been in business since 2014, graduating from the TechStars Startup Accelerator in Boston that year. In 2015, we introduced the world to the Onion Omega IoT computer.

Lazar Demin

Zheng Han



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