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Jan 07, 2019

Project update 4 of 13

NodeJS, Google Chrome DevTools, and the Omega2 Pro

Happy New Year to all! We’re so excited to share an exciting 2019 with you! Thanks to your support, the Omega2 Pro campaign is over 265% funded, we absolutely can’t wait to see all of the awesome things you all make with the Omega2 Pro.

Speaking of awesome things made with the Omega2 Pro…

Check out this blog post by a Google engineer on using the Google Chrome DevTools to remotely debug a NodeJS program running on the Omega2 Pro!

Shortly after the Omega2 Pro campaign launched, Rahul Ravikumar reached out with this exciting use case made possible by the additional memory available on the Omega2 Pro. We shipped him a sample unit from our pre-campaign test manufacturing run and he got cracking.

The blog post first covers how to use the OpenWrt build system to compile Node v8.14 for the Omega with the DevTools Inspector flag enabled, and then how to use Chrome DevTools to remotely debug a Node program running on the Omega2 Pro.

This is exciting since having access to full-blown development tools for building NodeJS IoT applications will lead to shorter development times and better performing programs. The added debugging capabilities, like stepping through code, and checking stack and heap allocations, are a given for server-side or browser-based development, but are just starting to make their way to IoT development. Use this to supercharge your development with the Omega2 Pro!

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