Hexoshi Milestone 1

A libre free-roaming game inspired by Metroid.

Jan 05, 2017

This is Where the Fun Begins

Boy, do we have quite an update today! Lots of stuff is going on.

As I said in the last update, I was considering making a video showing how a Hexoshi room is made. Someone on the Goblin Refuge showed support for the idea, so I went ahead and did it. It’s rough and not at all meant to be a tutorial (just a demonstration), but it’s here:


To be clear, I did not count that toward the 20 hours of paid work I will be doing on Hexoshi. That counter will start once I actually receive the funds raised.

I have also received the list of contributors and the perks they chose, so those who chose the $30 pledge level are now listed in Hexoshi’s credits as promised. This also means that the first vote can be announced. I will do that in a separate announcement to make sure it has maximum visibility.

Of course, because of how Crowd Supply works, you can still contribute to this campaign if you like. Don’t be shy; after all, the more extra funds are raised here, the easier the next campaign will be. But now it’s time for the best part: developing Hexoshi. This is where the real fun begins, and I hope you enjoy this process as much as I do.

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