Hexoshi Milestone 1

by onpon4

A libre free-roaming game inspired by Metroid.

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This is Where the Fun Begins

Boy, do we have quite an update today! Lots of stuff is going on.

As I said in the last update, I was considering making a video showing how a Hexoshi room is made. Someone on the Goblin Refuge showed support for the idea, so I went ahead and did it. It’s rough and not at all meant to be a tutorial (just a demonstration), but it’s here:


To be clear, I did not count that toward the 20 hours of paid work I will be doing on Hexoshi. That counter will start once I actually receive the funds raised.

I have also received the list of contributors and the perks they chose, so those who chose the $30 pledge level are now listed in Hexoshi’s credits as promised. This also means that the first vote can be announced. I will do that in a separate announcement to make sure it has maximum visibility.

Of course, because of how Crowd Supply works, you can still contribute to this campaign if you like. Don’t be shy; after all, the more extra funds are raised here, the easier the next campaign will be. But now it’s time for the best part: developing Hexoshi. This is where the real fun begins, and I hope you enjoy this process as much as I do.

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Dec 31 2016
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We're The Diligent Circle, a plural system with two active members: Layla (she/her) and Emmy (they/them). Some may know us as "onpon4", which was the username we exclusively used for several years (mainly prior to our transition). More recently, we have taken to primarily using "The Diligent Circle", although the old username still exists on some sites.

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