SYZYGY Brain-1

An open, modular ARM + FPGA development platform featuring the new SYZYGY standard for high-performance peripherals

Feb 07, 2018

Project update 8 of 11


We’ve been quiet lately, but not idle. Everything is in place for us to begin shipping this week! Please take a moment to check your shipping address through your Crowd Supply account and change it if necessary. Any changes should be submitted in the next 48 hours. You should receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number from Crowd Supply once your order has shipped.

We’ve published a few resources that will be helpful to those of you receiving Brain-1s. Here’s our primary SYZYGY Brain-1 Documentation including a brief Quick Start Guide. On the main documentation page, there are additional references.

The SYZYGY FPGA GitHub organization includes source code for a couple tools installed on the Brain-1, a filesystem container that includes the Brain-1’s website, source code for the SYZYGY peripheral firmware that runs on the Atmel parts on the peripherals, a u-boot fork with Brain-1-specific patches, and more. Expect to see more source code releases over the next week.

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