SYZYGY Brain-1

by Opal Kelly

An open, modular ARM + FPGA development platform featuring the new SYZYGY standard for high-performance peripherals

Nov 11, 2018

SYZYGY-based Open Source Signal Generator

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the SYZYGY standard for rapid prototyping, we gave our summer intern a task to build an open source signal generator design using the new XEM7320 and the SYZYGY DAC peripheral. Read the full update.

Jul 26, 2018

Sales Moving to Opal Kelly

SYZYGY products are now live on the Opal Kelly online store. The online store includes all the same SYZYGY products available during the Crowd Supply campaign along with a set of new SYZYGY peripherals, including a multi-sensor module and a set of breakout boards. A pair of test peripherals are also available now, intended for carrier developers that wish to perform continuity tests during production testing of their boards. Read the full update.

May 14, 2018

SYZYGY Tools Released

We have launched a new repository, syzygy-tools on GitHub. This repository contains a set of tools for SYZYGY carrier and peripheral developers. These include a library that can be used to parse and solve SmartVIO solutions from DNA data along with an application to create DNA binaries from JSON data. Read the full update.

Feb 07, 2018


We've been quiet lately, but not idle. Everything is in place for us to begin shipping this week! Please take a moment to check your shipping address through your Crowd.Supply account. Read the full update.

Jan 12, 2018

Crowdfunding Complete

The Brain-1 crowdfunding campaign ended earlier this week. Thank you to all of our backers for supporting this project! If you are interested in the project and missed out on the initial campaign offering, the Brain-1 and Pods are still available for pre-order on Crowd Supply. Read the full update.

Jan 02, 2018

Brain-1 Schematics and BOMs

In this new-year update, we're happy to deliver the schematics and BOMs of the Brain-1 and several of the peripherals. These assets have been released on an Aligni site we created specifically for the SYZYGY hardware projects. Read the full update.

Dec 15, 2017

SYZYGY DNA Specification Released

SYZYGY DNA provides a way for carriers to identify peripherals and retrieve voltage operating requirements from them. In this update, we introduce SYZYGY DNA and the SYZYGY DNA Specification. Read the full update.

Dec 07, 2017

SYZYGY Brain-1 Pin List on Opal Kelly Pins

Opal Kelly Pins is an interactive online reference for the expansion connectors on all Opal Kelly FPGA integration modules. Read the full update.

Dec 01, 2017

The SYZYGY Origin Story (Part II)

The SYZYGY standard was a response to customer demand for a flexible, well-defined, modern interface between an FPGA and off-the-shelf peripheral modules. Read the full update.

Nov 27, 2017

The SYZYGY Origin Story (Part I)

The SYZYGY standard was a response to customer demand for a flexible, well-defined, modern interface between an FPGA and off-the-shelf peripheral modules. Read the full update.

Nov 17, 2017

Crowdfunding Campaign is Officially Launched

It's official! The Brain-1 campaign is under way! We have limited volumes for the first round offering, so be sure to pledge quickly. The response rate will help us to determine how many to run for our second round and continued production. The time has come for an approachable peripheral standard for the high performance devices FPGAs work with best. Please help us spread the word and get others on-board! Share the update and the campaign on social media, with your friends, with your associates, and with your local FAEs! Let's try to rid the world of worthless proprietary semiconductor eval boards and encourage manufacturers to follow a useful, open standard. Read the full update.

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Product Choices



Your gateway to high-powered modular FPGA excitement! Thanks for your support! Includes the Brain-1, an 8 GB microSD card, and 12 V, 3 A power supply.


Pmod POD

The POD-PMOD4 module allows you to attach up to four Digilent™ Pmod peripherals to a single SYZYGY Standard port, making dozens of existing Pmod peripherals available to your project!



POD-DAC-AD9116 is a 2-channel, 125 MSPS, 12-bit DAC (Analog Devices AD9116) as a SYZYGY Standard peripheral. The factory default output stage is transformer-isolated ac-coupled 50 Ω to SMA outputs but can be modified with some resistor swaps to an op-amp driver (ADA4857) for higher-impedance loads for lower-frequency reach.



POD-ADC-LTC2264-12 provides dual 40 MSPS, 12-bit ADC (Linear Technology LTC2264-12) SYZYGY Standard peripheral with transformer-isolated 50 Ω SMA inputs.


Camera POD

POD-CAMERA has 3.4 megapixel 1/3 inch color CMOS image sensor (ON Semiconductor AR0330CM1C00SHAA0) that can capture full HD at 60 fps or reduced frame images at up to 215 fps over the HiSPI data interface. The camera comes with a plastic lens mount and high quality glass lens. This is a SYZYGY Standard peripheral.



The POD-DUALSFP peripheral attaches to a SYZYGY Transceiver port and you can populate one or both cages with any module compatible with the Xilinx gigabit transceivers. Price does not include any transceiver modules. A fiber optic SFP module we have used successfully with Xilinx Aurora is the Finisar FTLF8524P2BNV which is available from Digi-Key, Mouser, Arrow, and Avnet.


6" SYZYGY Standard Cable

One CABLE-STD-6INCH 6 inch SYZYGY Standard cable to extend the reach of your peripheral to PODs or your own board. These are high quality Samtec cables that are also available direct from Samtec with part number: EQCD-020-6.00-TBL-STL-1-B


6" SYZYGY Transceiver Cable

One CABLE-XCVR-6INCH 6 inch SYZYGY Transceiver cable to extend the reach of your peripheralto PODs or your own board. These are high quality Samtec cables that are also available direct from Samtec with part number: HQDP-020-6.00-TBL-STL-1-B


Opal Kelly

Founded in 2004, Opal Kelly offers a range of powerful, off-the-shelf, USB-based FPGA modules, including the easy-to-use Opal Kelly FrontPanel™ software interface and robust API. Opal Kelly products provide the essential device-to-computer interconnect for efficient and fast product prototyping, testing, development, and OEM integration.

Jake Janovetz


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software

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