SYZYGY Brain-1

An open, modular ARM + FPGA development platform featuring the new SYZYGY standard for high-performance peripherals

Jan 12, 2018

Project update 7 of 11

Crowdfunding Complete

The Brain-1 crowdfunding campaign ended earlier this week. Thank you to all of our backers for supporting this project!

If you are interested in the project and missed out on the initial campaign offering, the Brain-1 and Pods are still available for pre-order on Crowd Supply. They will also be available through the Opal Kelly online store in the coming weeks.

Brain-1 Production Update

The initial production run of assembled Brain-1 and Pod boards have arrived!

The boards still need to go through our production testing suite before shipment to Crowd Supply for fullfillment. Everything appears to be on track to meet our shipping goal of early February.

Podcast Feature

The Brain-1 and SYZYGY standard were recently featured on the EE Journal Fish Fry Podcast. The host of the show, Amelia Dalton, interviews Jake Janovetz, the president of Opal Kelly. They discuss the Brain-1, the SYZYGY standard, and the crowdfunding campaign.

Stay tuned to these updates as we will have more to share in the coming weeks!

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