Mosfet Girl

The heart of all those little ones and zeros that make our world go!

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Wear her heart on your sleeve.

Why should BJTs get all the credit?

Horowitz and Hill had introduced the world to Transistor Man, and we made shirts for our friends with him on the front, and the 741 opamp guts on the back. “Thanks Transistor man!”

But where is the thanks for Mosfet girl? There are far more MOSFETs in the world compared to BJTs. Trillions of Mosfet girls worldwide keep our processors running by maintaining their drain current with respect to the gate voltage. Where’s her shirt?

We’ll be offering three shirt styles - Unisex, Women’s, and Youth - in a range of sizes and color options. We’re using a local, high-quality printer (Pacific North Press) in Portland, Oregon. Stay tuned for more mock-ups!



But wait, there’s more!

One of the main goals of the Mosfet girl shirt is to raise awareness of the awesome women who are essential to making our tech go, and to encourage girls to get involved in the next generation of electrical discoveries. To this end, a percentage from every Mosfet girl shirt sale in this campaign will go to a non-profit (to be announced).

And, as is true with every Open Music Labs venture, after the campaign finishes the work will be made available for anyone to use for private or commercial ventures. We just want to see Mosfet girl out in the world. To this end, the shirts are being sold at cost, and we will not receive any money from this campaign.

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