A next-generation open stenotype machine

Jan 08, 2016

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The Enclosure Takes Shape

The enclosure Kurt designed is composed of four main pieces: a top panel of milled bamboo, a bottom panel of milled bamboo, and bent piece of aluminum that serves as most of the siding, and a straight piece of aluminum siding in the back that accommodates the micro USB connector and the microSD card slot. Below are shots Kurt took of an assembly of those first three components.

The wood has been stained and the aluminum has been bead blasted and clear anodized. The inner face of the bottom panel has recesses at the location of each key switch so that the switch pins that protrude slightly through the PCB won’t interfere with the PCB sitting flush with the bottom of the enclosure. The circular hole in the center of the bottom panel will house a threaded insert for mounting to standard tripods.

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