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Oct 24, 2017

Campaign Ending Soon

It’s your last chance during the campaign to get the upgraded Rubicon kit with heatsink and in the limited-edition Crowd Supply teal. Only about 48 hours left to go!

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Oct 25 2017

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Rubicon Deluxe Kit: CS Teal

A limited edition Crowd Supply teal version of the Rubicon IP67 case. This kit includes the new heatsink and both the shallow and deep opaque covers in teal. You can choose one deep or one shallow additional clear cover.


Rubicon Stacking Kit: CS Teal

Need extra room in your Rubicon enclosure? No problem! This stacking kit comes with everything you need to add over an inch to the height of your enclosure. Go ahead, cram in that extra shield/hat/cape/secret message.

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