The tough (IP67), expandable, Crowd Supply teal case for your Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone, or custom PCB project.

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Rubicon is a modular enclosure system specifically designed to help deploy and protect your projects in style. It is IP67 water- and dust-proof, supports glands and conduit fittings, and is designed to be installed just about anywhere.

Rubicon combines high quality, extreme durability, and superb flexibility – great for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications such as sensors, IoT gateways, and controllers. Rubicon is ready to shield your Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Arduino, and other custom hardware from sun, rain, snow, and flood.

This project is being launched in advance of the openH project Quasar, the high-speed 4G Cat 4 cellular supervisor board, which works great with other boards inside a Rubicon.

What’s New?

This crowdfunding campaign is for a limited, special edition run of the Rubicon IP67 project cases in Crowd Supply teal, and for a new addition to the Rubicon family line - a compatible, custom heatsink. This deluxe kit also contains both the shallow and deep cover depths in the Crowd Supply teal for even more configurability.

Crowd Supply Teal

New RPi Heatsink

Features & Specifications


The heatsink accessory kit provides the hardware necessary to mount a Raspberry Pi such that its processor is thermally tied to the base plate with a copper riser, which allows the heat to flow directly from the processor to the base plate of the Rubicon, and subsequently out of the enclosure. In outdoor tests comparing the temperatures of Rubicons with and without heatsinks (using a quad-core Pi 3 under full load), the heatsink reduced the processor temperatures by over 20° C.

Heatsink only intended for use with Pi Zero, Pi Zero W, and Pi A+, B+, B2, 3.

What’s in the Kits

Rubicon Deluxe Kit: CS Teal

Rubicon Stacking Kit: CS Teal

Potential Configurations

Various boards mounted in a Rubicon (left to right: Raspberry Pi 3, BeagleBoard, Raspberry Pi 3 in alternate position, Arduino Uno)
Mix and match kit pieces (some configurations shown require multiple kits).
Lots of mounting options on the plate.

Open Hardware

Rubicon has full schematics and 3D files available, as well as a quick start guide.

Risks & Challenges

All the main components in the kits have already been mass-produced using injection-molding with an established provider, so having them made in Crowd Supply teal is very simple and low risk. We have working prototypes of the heatsink and are confident there is little risk in its production. That being said, the project is still susceptible to the slowdowns inherent in any manufacturing project, like material supply or manufacturer availability. Additional time has been added to the estimated delivery date to account for some setbacks, including if the manufacturer doesn’t match the specified color in their first articles.

In the Press

Hackster News

"Sometimes..., your project calls for something a bit tougher than the standard fare. Maybe you’re building a device that needs to be waterproof or dust proof. Maybe it needs to stand up to drops and shocks."


"La nueva caja de protección IP67 para tarjetas de desarrollo Rubicon puede alojar placas de las más conocidas y utilizadas para diseños, como la Raspberry Pi (en sus distintas modalidades), Arduino, BeagleBone o PCBs de aplicaciones concretas a medida."

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Produced by openH in Santa Barbara, CA.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

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Rubicon Stacking Kit: CS Teal

Need extra room in your Rubicon enclosure? No problem! This stacking kit comes with everything you need to add over an inch to the height of your enclosure. Go ahead, cram in that extra shield/hat/cape/secret message.

$20 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Deluxe Kit: Shallow - CS Teal

A limited edition Crowd Supply teal version of the Rubicon IP67 case. This kit includes the new heatsink and both the shallow and deep opaque covers in teal. This kit includes an additional shallow (40.7 mm / 1.76") clear cover.

$45 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Deluxe Kit: Deep - Gray

A limited edition version of the Rubicon IP67 case. This kit includes the new heatsink and both the shallow and deep opaque covers in gray. This kit includes an additional deep (57.5 mm / 2.26") clear cover.

$45 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Rubicon Deluxe Kit: CS Teal (Early Bird)

A limited edition Crowd Supply teal version of the Rubicon IP67 case. This kit includes the new heatsink and both the shallow and deep opaque covers in teal. You can choose one deep or one shallow additional clear cover. Your friends will be teal with envy.

$38 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team


Santa Barbara, CA  ·

Our mission is to provide seamless IoT connectivity hardware incorporating flexible systems that can easily be configured to suit virtually any use.

TJ Reed
Co-founder and Mechanical Engineer
Alex Kaay
Founder and Everything Engineer

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