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Nov 25, 2020

Project update 9 of 20

Production Mechanics, Partnerships, and Software

by Saber Kaygusuz

Hello everybody,

In the last few months, we have been working very hard on our project. Currently, we are working on series production and elaboration of legal aspects such as standards, operating instructions, etc.

We’ve spent the last few months mainly working on three things:

Mechanical Concept for Series Production

We had to question many things to ensure production was as easy as we had imagined. Disillusionment came quickly, as we realized how much time is taken up by details. For example, we had to work on developing our cooling concept further. But we also had to keep in mind the assembly, the choice of materials, and that the Vapor Phase One will be shipped around the world. It’s all these details that make the overall product a work of art.

Our focus is on usability and on the customer. Despite technical hurdles, we want to stay true to our philosophy and make a laboratory device as easy to use as possible.

Strategic Partnership With Assemblify

In the past weeks, we have been in constant contact with "Assemblify GmbH", a company specializing in construction, certification, and shipping of laboratory equipment for almost 40 years now. For us, their know-how offers many advantages which help to greatly increase the quality of the VP1. We get to work together with experienced engineers who provide good input on mechanical feasibility. In the end, Assemblify will also take over the assembly of Vapor Phase One.

Of course, we’ll continue to develop the Vapor Phase One further as we work with other experts in this field to get the best possible product.

Software Revision in Core & Display

Our software is integrated on two different controllers: the core controller, which meets all safety critical requirements (heating control, lift control, cooling water monitoring etc.) and the display controller, which is responsible for the UI. We’ve developed an update routine for the software, so we can also deliver regular updates.

We are currently working on obtaining the necessary certifications for the new year, so we can send the VP1 out into the world on time come February 15, 2021.

Stay healthy and best regards from Nuremberg,
The PCB Arts Team

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