Vapor Phase One

The industry's most flexible PCB soldering process

Aug 03, 2022

Software Update 1.0.4

Hello everyone! We are happy to announce our Vapor Phase One is continually improving with the incorporated feedback of our customers. We are currently producing the second batch, which has been redesigned and we're ready to solder your PCBs. But the redesigns are not only in the hardware. There will be a software update available by end of May that can be applied to every Vapor Phase One. In the following we quickly go through the main aspects: Read the full update.

Jan 27, 2022

Design Improvements and Software Updates

In the following update, you will find some design improvements and software updates we already implemented or will implement within the year 2022. Read the full update.

Oct 19, 2021

Vapor Phase One is in the US

It has been a while since there was an update from us. The truth is: Regarding logistics and export/import regulations, there is no good news to write about. However, after months we have finally managed to establish a sustainable and good process! Additionally - All Vapor Phase One's are now on their way to you! Expect your shipping confirmation soon. Read the full update.

Aug 03, 2021

Current Status, Webshop, and Blog

Here's the latest on our current status. Plus a look at our new webshop and blog. Read the full update.

Jun 15, 2021

Shipping update, certifications, and new pictures

Here's the latest on our certification epic and some good news about shipping dates. Plus some lovely product pictures of the final production version. Read the full update.

May 20, 2021

More Certification News and a New Video

We have a lot of news for you! This update will help you catch up on all of our activities over the last few weeks. Read the full update.

May 04, 2021

More Manufacturing & Certification News

Testing, testing, and more testing... this update covers our progress towards EU and US certifications and explains a brief delay in our delivery schedule. Read the full update.

Apr 29, 2021

Certification Testing

Apparently this is that stressful phase that everyone talks about. The one that happens right before a product launch? Yep. The last few weeks have definitely been among our most stressful—now that everything is finally coming together—but they've also given us a chance to do some hard-core technical testing! This update also covers our recent price increase. Read the full update.

Apr 06, 2021

Schedule, Mass Production, and Certification

Here's an update on our procurement and production process progress. Also some news on certifications. Read the full update.

Feb 02, 2021

Display Details & Delivery Time Line

This update includes a description (and a photograph!) of our final display-integration design and an explanation of our new shipping estimate. Read the full update.

Jan 08, 2021

First Steps Toward Production

Here's an update describing all the progress we've made towards going into production. We're getting close! Read the full update.

Nov 25, 2020

Production Mechanics, Partnerships, and Software

This post is an update on our progress in manufacturing, certification, and software development. Read the full update.

Oct 07, 2020

A look at our design process and philosophy

This update provides info on upcoming milestones and a deep dive into our design process and philosophy. Read the full update for all the details. Read the full update.

Sep 08, 2020

Showcasing Our Soldering Results

This will be the last update during the crowdfunding phase of our campaign, and we want to say thank you! Thank you for the interest, for the support, and for the suggestions. And, of course, thank you for helping us meet our funding goal so we can bring Vapor Phase One to the world! To conclude our crowdfunding effort, we thought it would be appropriate to present some photographs of our latest soldering results. Read the full update.

Aug 31, 2020

Temperature Measurement Channels

As a follow up to our last update, we want to show you how Vapor Phase One utilizes its five isolated temperature measurement channels to produce a clean soldering profile. Read the full update.

Aug 18, 2020

Temperature sensors & display communication

This update covers recent improvements to Vapor Phase One's thermal performance and to its user intereface. Learn how we've made the temperature sensors more responsive and integrated the touchscreen into the rest of the system. Read the full update.

Aug 07, 2020

Improving the Heating System, Lowering the Funding Goal, and Extendeding the Campaign

In the interest of making Vapor Phase One even more precise, we are currently working on some improvements to the controls for its heating system and to the temperature sensor at the heart of that system. Unfortunately, these enhancements are taking longer than we anticipated, which has prevented us from posting a number of campaign updates that we had planned. As a result, and in consultation with Crowd Supply, we have decided to extend our campaign by a full month to ensure that we have time to share as much information as possible with potential backers. In addition, we have managed to reduce our funding goal by approximately $5k, which will allow us to proceed with manufacturing if we sell 12 Vapor Phase Ones (rather than 14). The backer price will remain the same! Read the full update.

Jul 16, 2020

Touchscreen User Interface

This update describes the graphical user interface we are developing for Vapor Phase One Read the full update.

Jul 02, 2020

Upgraded Display!

This update announces our improved display hardware, demonstrates the physical integration of that screen into Vapor Phase One, and introduces the framework we are using to develop our touch user interface. Read the full update.

Jun 24, 2020

We Are Live!

If you're interested in one of the most advanced soldering technologies available—one that is reliable, flexible, and gentle while remaining incredibly easy to use—please have a look at our campaign page and check out our GitHub repository. Then join us for an AMA on Crowd Supply's Discord server at 1pm Pacific Time today, Wednesday, June 24th! Read the full update.

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