Vapor Phase One

One of the industry's most gentle soldering processes

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Now Within Reach of Hobbyists & Makers

Vapor Phase One brings one of the most gentle soldering processes in the industry to hobbyists and development engineers alike. In contrast to infrared or convection processes, the vapor phase process can handle assemblies with high thermal mass, fine-pitch structures, and temperature-sensitive components without any risk.

Perfect your soldering process and reduce the risk of cold-solder joints, PCB tombstoning, and solder bridges. Vapor Phase One relies on two integrated lifts to achieve results identical to those you would expect from an industrial production. And best of all, it is open hardware.


  • Fast temperature profiles: The design of Vapor Phase One allows the user to run fast temperature profiles by means of a height-adjustable PCB carrier. The assembly is placed on an open wire mesh, some distance above the heat-transfer medium, as determined by a fast temperature control loop.

  • Individual soldering profiles: Vapor Phase One can import individual soldering profiles through a USB interface or from an SD card. It uses these profiles to adjust heating power and lift position to account for different solder pastes and PCB technologies.

  • Conservation of heat-transfer medium: After a soldering process is completed, the entire capacity of Vapor Phase One’s cooling circuit—plus four additional fans mounted to its base—can be used to cool the process chamber as quickly as possible. This optional "Quick Cool" feature reduces the process time and ensures a minimum loss of Galden when the board is removed.

  • Lid lift: The lid to the process chamber lifts automatically to facilitate the insertion and removal of a PCB. This safety feature also contributes to the preservation of heat-transfer medium.

  • Viewing window: In addition to a screen that displays realtime temperature data, Vapor Phase One provides a viewing window, complete with internal lighting, that allows you to see inside the process chamber.


  • Volume of heat-transfer medium: 500 - 1000 ml
  • Volume per cycle of heat-transfer medium: 0.49 ml
  • Usable heat-transfer media: Galden LS 230, XS 235, and HS 240
  • Cooling: Water & air
  • Dimensions: 500 mm x 465 mm x 320 mm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Max. energy consumption: 230 V or 110 V (1.1 kW)
  • Interface: USB or SD Card

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