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Crowdfunding Has Begun

by Dr. Klui

The D-MARK crowdfunding campaign is now live! D-MARK is an ARM-based STM32F070RB dev board with extensive peripherals for real-world use, including relays, a motor driver, USB ports, a microSD slot, servo outputs, an a lot more. See the full list of features on the campaign page.

About the Author

Dr. Klui

klui-freiberg  ·   Thailand

$952 raised

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Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


D-MARK Controller Board

One D-MARK Controller Board with a microSD


Stepper Motor Driver Module

One Stepper Motor Driver Module that can drive stepper motors up to 2 A


Programmer Clamp

One Programmer Clamp for use with an AVR programmer and the ATTiny84A. You don't need this unless you want to use a custom protocol between the STM and SenseLog ports.


Pichanon Suwannathada / Lambda Nu Co. Ltd.

Glass technologist by profession, Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing) Glass Technology from TU-Freiberg, Germany, is self-taught in electronics, making his first working electronic board at the age of 11, selling a complete alarming box 2 years later.

Pichanon Suwannathada

John Soros

Vanlop Incham

Watcharee Suwannathada



PCBA Manufacturer



PCB Fabrication

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