A versatile, easy-to-use, open source ARM development board

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D-MARK is an versatile open source development board based on the unbeatable price-to-performance STM32F070RB ARM microcontroller. In contrast to numerous available development kits in the market, D-MARK focuses on real-life applications with carefully selected inputs and outputs to save on re-investment hardware cost for developers. D-MARK also comes with the open-source D-MARK Script Interpreter firmware (DMSi) which means no coding experience is necessary to simply run numerous control and data acquisition tasks.

Features & Specifications


  • 4x Digital inputs
  • 1x LDR sensor
  • 1x NTC temperature sensor
  • 1x 0-30 VDC analog voltage


  • 4x MOSFET outputs (rated 12 V 3.5 A continuous without heaksink)
  • 3x SPST relays (5 A contact)
  • 1x Stepper motor driver socket
  • 1x RC servo output
  • 1x Piezo passive speaker

Communication Ports:

  • 1x USB-B female
  • 2x USB-A female
  • 1x microSD card socket
  • 1x UART
  • 1x 6-pin I2C OLED display socket
  • 1x SWD programming & debug port


  • 1x 10 A blade fuse
  • 1x Tactile reset switch

Hooked up and ready to do anything

A Wide World Of Potential Uses

  • It is a powerful controller board right out the box. Use the multiple on-board sensor inputs, or extend your own through the SenseLog ports.
  • Excellent starter board for learning to use an ARM microcontroller.
  • Make a motion control application using the on-board stepper and servo controllers.
  • Automate water irrigation based on temperature, light intensity and other sensor-based information, through the on-board USB ports.
  • Great for closed loop heating and cooling control e.g., make a home-brew toaster reflow oven featuring multiple heating, soaking and cooling stages, and a real-time temperature value display.
  • Usable as a beginner board, or as final application hardware.

Open Source

The schematics, source code and script samples will be available in GitHub. There is also D-MARK Script Interpreter documentation available to get you up and running within a few minutes.

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