A tiny device that turns your generic power bank into a non-stop power supply

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Aug 10, 2020

Project update 5 of 7

Ask Me Anything (AMA) this Wednesday August 12th at 11am PDT on the Crowd Supply Discord Server

by Dr. Klui

I believe that people may have questions about PowerEver, and this is a good chance to talk with you about every aspect of it. To join the AMA, please visit the PowerEver AMA Channel this Wednesday at 11AM PDT time (1 AM on BKK local time!). If you have not used Discord before, please give yourself 10 minutes extra to make an account.

For those of you who have not yet ordered your own PowerEver, check out the photos below. We have started assembling and testing our backers’ orders to make sure that all the orders will be delivered to you on time or even faster.

Just 12 days to go for the campaign! If the campaign reaches $2000, I promise to design an enclosure file for 3D printing. Thank you.

Dr. Klui

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