A tiny device that turns your generic power bank into a non-stop power supply

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PowerEver is a tiny electronic board that will keep your commercial power bank running non-stop while minimizing self-drained current. It is user-adjustable and is compatible with nearly all power banks in the market. This means that your power bank will never run short of mobile power for your electronic gadget.

This board is perfect for electronic enthusiasts, field engineers, and students, as well as anyone needing a mobile power supply using commonly available power banks. Help save the environment by maximizing power bank usage, especially for older models that cannot provide enough power for mobile phones but are still usable with less current-hungry electronic devices like an Arduino, ESP8266, etc.


  • Use generic mobile phone power banks as a regular DC 5 V power supply for powering all kind of gadgets and electronic boards
  • User-adjustable through button triggering to suit almost all power banks
  • Designed to consume as little current as possible
  • Small and light-weight enough to put into your wallet
  • Fully open source with complete schematics and source code provided for immediate tweaking. You can find the GitHub repository here.



  • ATtiny13A running 1.2 MHz at 5 V


  • 5 VDC powered by any mobile power bank
  • Adjustable total current drain from 110 mA down to 3 mA (16.5 mA as default)

Buttons and Connectors

  • 1x USB Type-A male for connecting to a power bank
  • 1x USB Type-A female output to user loads
  • 1x push button

Status Display

  • 1x blue LED for visual feedback

Dimensions and Weight

  • 16 mm x 50 mm (~ .6 in x 2 in)
  • 5.9 g (~ .21 oz)

Optional Accessories

  • USB Type-A male to 5-pin screw terminal connector

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