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Jul 15, 2020

Project update 2 of 7

Improvements and Applications

by Dr. Klui

Your support exceeds our expectations for our first time appearance on Crowd Supply, thank you backers!

In addition to an improvement on the hardware side, this week we will show you some real-life applications of the PowerEver. Here we go:

Better hardware

For convenience, we decided to replace the initial 0.8 mm thin SMD switch with a thicker metal SMD tactile switch. This one is robust, easier to operate and has a better response upon pressing/releasing. It looks really good doesn’t it?.

Programming your MCU without fear

Yes, we use it to program every PowerEver board: isolated, surge-free, negligible noise and providing a precise 5.00 V +/- 0.02 V power for the microcontroller (with slight voltage deviation depending on models and brands).

A must for the wireless sensing fans

Whether you are testing a number of low-power wireless nodes, or a powerful long-range wireless communication, PowerEver can help you achieve your goal. By powering all the nodes, you are now not only free to move around but also have freedom to chose the power capacity required by each node type or function.

Secure yours, save forever

Never throw your old unused power bank out before the end of its life. Let PowerEver do the job for you. With less battery waste you help save the world, thank you!

Cheers to backers.
Dr. Klui

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