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Jul 22, 2020

Project update 3 of 7

Usage Examples and How PowerEver Works

by Dr. Klui

I have seen incredible support for the PowerEver during the past week. This definitely encourages me and my team to invent even more exciting and useful hardware for you, thank you!

This week we would like to show you a few more applications for PowerEver, then look into the working principle behind this tiny device. Understanding this will help make sure you are on the right track when hacking the PowerEver.

Mobile data logging

Nothing is easier than using PowerEver + power bank to supply the power for your favorite mobile data logger. Using the above setup we can monitor the temperature inside this ceiling for 7 days using a 7000 mAh power bank.

PowerEver for SOS signaling

What if you get caught in an emergency situation at night? PowerEver has a small blinking LED. A blue LED with 2 mA current blinking at a rate about 1 Hz will allow you to SOS in case of emergency and will keep blinking up to 200 days with a 10000 mAh power bank.

PowerEver - how it works (Part 1)

The figure above shows a signal captured from output pin 3 at the heart of PowerEver’s ATTiny13A controller. If this pin is high, around 5 V, no current will be drawn at all (except a few milliamps from the on-board LED and the MCU itself). When the signal goes low a current of about 100 mA will be drawn briefly (3.65 sec as seem in the chart) by the PowerEver circuit through two 91 Ohm resistors. This action repeats about every 24 sec in order to counter the automatic turn-off algorithm of power banks.

That’s all for today but there’s still a lot of interesting information to tell to my valued backers, so please stay tuned for the coming updates.

Thank you,
Dr. Klui
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