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Powered by an RPi Compute Module and ready for deployment as a router, edge-computing device, or IoT gateway

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Compatible With CM1, CM3, and CM3+ Compute Modules

If you’re looking to create your own router, edge computing device, or IoT gateway, the PiGWay P2 and P4 are a step up from the kind of DIY solution you might otherwise implement using a Raspberry Pi (RPi) or some other Single-Board Computer (SBC). More specifically, they:

Whatsmore, our PiGWay boards are completely open hardware. By the time this campaign ends, we will have published all of our P2 and P4 design files, including our board schematics, layouts, project files, firmware, and software.

Note: Raspberry Pi Compute Module and power adapter not included.

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Technical Specifications

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PiGWay is part of Microchip Get Launched

About the Team

PiGWays Pty, Ltd.

Melbourne, Australia  ·

PiGWays creates novel hardware for routing, edge computing, and IoT deployment.

Richard Flude

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