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An IO-Link compatible Raspberry Pi extension that connects to smart sensors and devices

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IOL HAT allows for the exchange of data between single-board computers (SBCs) and smart SDCI sensors, actuators, and other devices. SDCI is also known under the brand name of IO-Link. IOL HAT is an add-on board (HAT) for Raspberry Pis and other SBCs, and you can stack up to two of them, allowing the connection of up to four SDCI devices.

Integrate Industrial Sensors Into Your SBC-Based Project

IOL HAT is a perfect fit for applications that run on SBCs like the Raspberry Pi and require real-world data, especially from ruggedized sensors and devices. IO-Link (also called Single Drop Communication Interface, or SDCI) is an industry standard with over 20,000 different sensors and devices on the market. This reliable digital interlink allows for fault-free data transfer even in harsh environments or with cable lengths up to 20 meters. Due to its standardization, IO-Link is easy, cost effective, and consistent no matter what your use case.

IO-Link add-ons can include sensors like current sensors, distance sensors, flow sensors, and filling level sensors, or other types of devices like human-machine interfaces. The retrieved data can then be processed in your application or sent to a database.

IOL HAT provides a physical interface for your smart devices through two SDCI ports over generic 3.5 mm plug-in connectors.

SDCI communication requires a hardware driver and a software stack. For IOL HAT, the driver is integrated on the extension board. The software stack is part of the Master Application and provides a binary TCP interface to the user’s application. This allows easy integration with applications in any programming language that can implement TCP sockets. Examples for C/C++ and Python are provided together with the Master Application.

Alternatively, the IO-Link stack can be integrated into user applications written in C/C++.


We are making two versions of IOL HAT available through this campaign:

Features & Specifications


The following commands are available over binary TCP to the Master Application:

Open Source

The project, including binaries, source code, and schematics, is hosted on GitHub. Further information and the user datasheet with the API description are available here.

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"Designed to simplify industrial-grade SDCI communication projects..."

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"a versatile solution designed for integrating industrial sensors into single-board computer-based projects, such as the Raspberry Pi. "

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