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Combine LED strips to create a huge display that acts as a regular video monitor.

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Nov 14, 2019

Project update 7 of 19

Goal Adjustment and Campaign Extension

by Gordan G

Dear pledgers and supporters,

We have entered into the final planned Pixblasters campaign’s week. As you can see from the progress so far, we still have not secured the successful campaign end. However, we have discussed our options with Crowd Supply and our manufacturer and we’ve figured out a way to lower the campaign goal from the current goal of \$18,000 to \$8,500 USD.

The Pixblasters team receives many e-mails of support, technical questions, and suggestions for further product enhancements on a daily basis, and that encourages us to believe in our idea of affordable digital signage for everyone! This is the reason why we are determined to do what is in our power to start the initial production of our FPGA-based video LED controller, and hopefully to make our crowdfunding campaign successful.

Lower MOQ for initial run

As it was explained at the beginning of the campaign, our initial manufacturing plan was based on a first batch of 100 Pixblasters MS1 units. That volume was based on production MOQ requirements and the information collected from potential supporters during the pre-campaign period.

During the last week we were in contact with our selected manufacturer and reached an agreement for a production of a smaller initial batch of 50 pieces. The manufacturing costs will be slightly higher due to the smaller number of units, but due to decreased manipulation costs and an integrated smaller campaign cushion, the increased costs will not impact the planned campaign goals.

There will be no change in the pledge levels and the shipment costs, and nothing will change either for the existing pledgers, or for our upcoming pledgers! All shipping dates for all pledges remain as planned. Eventual, but not expected hidden costs will be financed by us in order to keep the given promises and deliver the product in time.

Lower goal and deadline extension

The manufacturing changes explained above enabled us to decrease the financial goal to $8,500 USD. Additionally, there will be also a one week campaign extension. Right now we are very close to the newly adjusted campaign’s goal and we hope that it will encourage new pledgers to support us and to help fund another successful campaign on the Crowd Supply platform. Of course, we again want to thank to our existing pledgers, who have already trusted us from the beginning of the campaign.

We understand that some of you amy have concerns with this goal adjustment. If so, you may canecel your campaign order if you do not feel comfortable with the new plan. You are also welcome to contact us directly with any questions or concerns about this change.

The Pixblasters team has already financed and successfully ended development of a couple of prototypes and preparation of the production-ready product version. We have also developed and tested several video LED installations. Practically, all of these steps have been transparently documented throughout the campaign, by photographs and a number of videos showing the system’s operation. Hopefully this clearly illustrates our determination to hand the Pixblasters LED controllers into the hands of users.

We believe that early adapters will come with new ideas, new modes of operation, and will make video installations that will further promote our product and encourage more Pixblasters users in the future.

Dear pledgers and supporters, we are calling you to make a final step and to help us bring the affordable digital LED signage to life!

Thank you,
The Pixblasters team

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