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Jun 28, 2017

Project update 8 of 9

Delivery Expectations

Hey Everybody, I apologize for the delay in updates but we were extremely busy during the past few weeks. We’re glad to announce that all boards have been tested and are now on their way to Crowd Supply for fulfillment.

Delivery Expectations

As you know from the campaign page we presented a conservative schedule to deliver in July, but in reality we were working on delivering earlier. As usual, with any first production run there were a few hiccups, but fortunately we were able to resolve them and ship on time. We’d like to share the details for learning.

Contract Manufacturer Delay

We manufactured the boards with 2 different contract manufacturers in Shenzhen, we started the first order in mid-April. Unfortunately one of the manufacturers took way longer than expected to deliver the boards (8 weeks instead of 3), so we received the finished boards in mid June instead of early May. Luckily, the other manufacturer delivered the boards on time, which will be our preferred partner going on.

Board Cleaning

We found out that one of the boards wasn’t properly cleaned after delivery, we had to spend time extra-cleaning those boards before shipping. If you’re manufacturing boards of your own be sure to communicate how clean you need your board, which may involve some extra cost.

Specifying The Wrong Part Number

That was a mistake on our side, for one of the modules we specified the BOM with a 2kb flash MCU instead of 10kb. After we received the boards we manually reworked and tested every board with the proper MCU. That took us a few extra sleepless nights.

Board Testing

Here are some images showing the boards tested and packaged.

Off to Crowd Supply’s Warehouse

Here’s a picture of the box containing the packaged boards and ready to ship to Crowd Supply’s warehouse. They will begin shipping once they receive the boards. If you need to update your address, you can do so here.

Our First Backer To Receive His Kit

Here’s a picture of our friend David Crawley from Ubiquity Robotics receiving his JuicyBoard with the modules mounted.

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