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Mar 31, 2017

Project update 2 of 9

Short Survey

Hello Everyone!

After completing the last R1000AX JuicyBoard PCB design last weekend we got some interesting feedback. At the moment the R1000AX board includes a micro-SD and a full SD card receptacle, both are using the same SPI port (so they can’t be used simultaneously). The full size SD is there as a convenience for some who prefer to use it. The current proposal is to eliminate the full SD receptacle and add a footprint for mounting an internet connected compute module instead, such as a C.H.I.P. Pro, Particle (photon/electron) or Rapsberry Pi Zero (+ possible other modules by creating a suitable 2 layer interposer board in the future), it will be powered directly from the JuicyBoard 5V supply, here’s how it looks

  1. Full sized SD card for convenience
  1. Internet compute module goes here, options:

    • C.H.I.P. Pro
    • Particle.io photon/electron
    • Raspberry Pi Zero
  2. Host USB connector for compute module, can be used for external accessories or controlling LPC1769 through USB

####This will have a couple of important advantages:

The new schematics and layout are available github. We’ve setup a survey form, please tell us what you think. If there’s positive feedback we will gerber out the new design next week.

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