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Introducing the PolyKybd Split72, a mechanical split keyboard featuring innovative OLED displays in its keycaps. With 72 keys, each display boasts a resolution of 72x40 pixels. These monochromatic displays offer incredible versatility, allowing you to enhance your typing experience in various ways.

Endless Possibilities with OLED Displays

The PolyKybd Split72’s OLED displays open up a world of possibilities. You can customize and program each display to show shortcuts, different keyboard layouts, content based on your chosen keyboard layer, or even letters in various languages - catering to the diverse global community of keyboard users.

Explore New Keyboard Layouts

Have you ever wondered if Colemak is a more efficient layout than QWERTY? Or perhaps you’re curious about exotic layouts like Neo or Miryoko? With the PolyKybd, you have the freedom to fully customize your keyboard layout. Thanks to the OLED displays, switching between layouts is a breeze.

Multilingual Support

PolyKybd celebrates diversity in communication. Whether you want to greet with "Hello," "Grüß Gott," "Bonjour," or "こんにちは," you can easily switch the displayed letters to any language you prefer.

Boost Productivity with Custom Shortcuts

No matter your profession, custom shortcut icons on keys can significantly boost productivity. Whether you’re into photo or video editing, 3D design, or programming, let your keyboard help you remember those essential shortcuts.

Tailored Ergonomics

The split keyboard design allows you to arrange the two keyboard halves to suit your typing posture perfectly. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to ergonomic typing.

Fully Customizable

All hardware and software resources are at your disposal. You can even modify the firmware to tailor it to your specific needs.

Features & Specifications:

Proudly Open Source

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"Aspiring polyglots can be stymied by differing keyboard layouts and character sets when switching between languages. [Thomas Pollak]’s Poly Keyboard circumvents this problem by putting a screen in every key of the keyboard."

Tom's Hardware

"The PolyKybd is a split layout mechanical keyboard with an orthogonal key layout, but the big selling point is that the usual plastic keycaps have been replaced by transparent cash register keycaps fitted with internal OLED screens."

PC Gamer

"Someone is making the keyboard of the future, and I want one so badly."

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Austria  ·   thpoll2  ·   thpoll83  ·   thpoll@mastodon.social  ·   ko-fi.com/polykb/posts

Every keystroke is a chapter in our journey, shaping the future of interaction.

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