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Thank you! And The Plan For The Next Month

by Kanta

Our STEP400 crowdfunding campaign has successfully completed, reaching 672% of our goal! We would like to once again thank everyone who supported the project.

Documents have been moved to a new place

We have been documenting STEP400 on the prototype repository, but now this documentation is moving to our new website, and we will continue to update it there:

We will also be moving the hardware design files to the new repository. We will let you know when it is ready.

Projected timeline, in brief

Lately we have been focusing on documentation, which had been somewhat delayed, but we’re going to focus our work on hardware design again. Based on the results of the beta test with the prototype we will make changes and build a test board again to check the functioning of the product before placing the final production order. This process will take a month or so. We would like to be able to deliver the product as soon as possible, but at the same time we want to be as careful as possible in our preparations.

The changes will be summarized in a separate update.

Talk to you soon! Kanta

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Product Choices



A STEP400 board and four motor connectors


Electromagnetic Brake Board

A control board for stepper motors with an electromagnetic brake. To use this board, a motor with an electromagnetic brake is required and is not included.


Sensor Cable

Pre-crimped, ready-to-go sensor cable for connecting to the 4 homing and 4 limit sensor inputs on the STEP400 board. Includes one cable.


Ponoor Experiments

A big fun of electronics and magnets, explore them with many ways. 15+ years experience for kinetic projects in art, music and design engineering.


Taiki Niimi

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