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Meet the Grow and Cure Kit: The first ever turnkey kit to grow and cure your own medicinal herbs.

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The Grow & Cure’s intuitive, minimalist design can help make anyone a successful herb farmer. Simply add soil, your plant of choice, some water, and you’re ready to get growing. With the aerated grow bag, your plant’s roots will spread wide and strong, followed by robust plant growth as you add our organic nutrients throughout the season.

Drying your herbs in living areas of all sizes is easy with Portland Homegrown’s innovative, adjustable drying rack. The Grow & Cure kit includes trimming shears, an extra-large curing jar, and a relative humidity monitor to insure against mold or over-drying. So join us this spring and go green with our easy-to-use kit!

Our Mission

To make organic home-growing simple, approachable and fun!

Kit Features

What’s Included?

Firstly, the growing necessities

Secondly, the curing necessities

Finally, the help

What’s Not Included?

What Can It Be Used For?

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The Portland Homegrown Story

As urbanites with deep roots in organic farming, we were inspired to bring our love for going green to city dwellers everywhere. After an idyllic summer trip to our family’s organic farm, we began racking our brains on innovative ways to make growing organics both accessible and fun for anyone.

Then it hit us: Herbs. Although most of us frequently enjoy cured herbs in one form or another, we had never found a front to back product helping home-growers with the process. So that’s what we set out to do.

With the success of our first product, we hope to innovate new ways for home-growers to take control of their own destiny. Stay tuned for big things from Portland Homegrown!

Manufacturing plan

We will be assembling the kits in our assembly space in Portland. The assembly line is already drawn out, and will be completed upon the final influx of capital from our crowd-funding campaign. We aim to have first delivery by May 20th.

Risks and Challenges

As always, there are a number of risks and challenges in pioneering a first of a kind product. Our two biggest challenges will be lead time and production time for the kits that are ordered. Inventory is already on its way for up to 200 initial kits, but any orders on top of this will need to be purchased no later than May 1st to be fulfilled by mid-June (ideal planting season). Lead times can be as long as six weeks for many of the custom designed materials in the kits, and all kits are assembled by hand in our assembly space.

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Produced by Portland Homegrown in Portland, OR.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Grow and Cure Herb Kit

Everything you need to get started. Just add dirt, organics and water. Enjoy! Currently only shipping within Oregon. Limit four per person.

$99 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

About the Team

Portland Homegrown

Portland, OR

As urbanites with deep roots in organic farming, we were inspired to bring our love for going green to city dwellers everywhere.

Kelly Hickman

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