Sensor Watch, Now Available from Crowd Supply, Unites Iconic Design with Versatile Sensing Capabilities

February 1, 2022Crowd Supply, the leading product development platform connecting hardware creators with early adopters and enthusiastic backers, announces the launch of Sensor Watch, an innovative take on the smartwatch that gives an ARM Cortex M0+ upgrade to the classic Casio wristwatch. Sensor Watch opts out of power-hungry features like Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth support, and a huge screen, focusing instead on practical applications, battery life, and hack ability. Not to mention retro style! Sensor Watch finds room for an ultra-low-power ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller and a modular sensor board inside the slim enclosure of a ‘90s classic—the Casio F-91W wristwatch. And it does so while providing water resistance up to 30 meters, an estimated battery life of one full year on a single 100 mAH coin-cell battery, and a fully open source design.

Sensor Watch, developed by Oddly Specific Objects and launched with support from Crowd Supply, features several ready-to-use watch faces from the Movement community firmware, including a world clock, a temperature log, and a time-based one-time password (TOTP) generator for two-factor authentication. A built-in USB Micro B connector makes it easy to modify or update the watch’s firmware, and a 9-pin flex-PCB connector allows you to expand its functionality even further by integrating a broad range of sensors, including an accelerometer for activity tracking, a phototransistor for light metering, or a microphone for tracking noise exposure. The Sensor Watch repository includes open source designs for several such boards, and that resource will only grow as the community continues to dream up new applications for the platform.

Sensor Watch, one of the latest hardware projects launched through Crowd Supply, features the Microchip SAM L22 microcontroller and is part of the Microchip Get Launched electronics design program. The SAM L22 MCU features 256 KBytes of Flash and 32 KBytes of RAM, running at up to 32 MHz.

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