HealthyPi v3

An open-source, multi-parameter, full fledged human body vital sign monitoring HAT for Raspberry Pi as well as standalone use.

Jun 20, 2017

Project update 3 of 15

Comparing HealthyPi with a Standard Monitor

In this update: we have some news, we describe the signals measured by the HealthyPi and we show why the HealthyPi is so great with a new video.

First off, some good news. We had entered the HealthyPi project into the Hackaday Prize 2017 under the Internet of (useful Things) IOT round. We’re happy to inform our backers that we made it through to the semifinals. We’re all quite excited by this news and you can follow the project status and future inclusions to the HealthyPi on our Hackaday page at:

Next up, we made a little video to describe the signals measured by the HealthyPi. We had a few questions come in regarding signal quality, effectiveness of the algorithms, and what each one actually means.

We have also made some improvements to the digital filters and the heart-rate and respiration rate algorithm. It now provides better and more accurate signal quality.

We made a small video to address these questions and more. Check it out for some great looking results.

And again, our Github repository for the HealthyPi-v3 is now public at, we will keep updating this code as the project progresses. Feel free to hack into the code!

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