HealthyPi v3

An open-source, multi-parameter, full fledged human body vital sign monitoring HAT for Raspberry Pi as well as standalone use.

Jun 13, 2017

Project update 2 of 15

Software Architecture of the HealthyPi v3

This update describes the software architecture of the HealthyPi to allow for easy modification and customization, and how you can integrate with your application. Our Github repository for the HealthyPi-v3 is now public at, we will keep updating this code as the project progresses.

The software for the HealthyPi is present in different components of the system and is designed to provide easy access to several levels of the code.

The objectives of adopting this software architecture:

Integrating the HealthyPi with your application

Most people that would buy the HealthyPi would do so to run their code on top of this platform. The HealthyPi provides the vital sign data required and the analytics software can just consume this data for decision making or even predictive analysis. Integration can be done at either the firmware level or the GUI-level.

HealthyPi v3 board firmware:####

We have written the firmware in Arduino for one primary purpose; ease of modification. The functions of the firmware running on the HealthyPi’s Arduino-compatible ATSAMD21 microcontroller are:

HealthyPi v3 Processing GUI:

Again, the Processing environment is used for the sake of simplicity and accessibility. The code is written in basic Java. The functions of this layer:

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