An ECG patch with HRV monitoring that's open source, affordable, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connected.

Mar 16, 2018

Project update 14 of 17

New Docs - New Code

Code updates for the continuous ECG mode

We have some major changes to the TCP/Wi-Fi code for viewing the continuous ECG signal from the HeartyPatch. This does not have any effect on the R-to-R detection only code, though.

In the previous version, we had some packet loss at high data rates (512 SPS). Thanks to one of our long-time collaborators and amazing backer Doug Williams, we now have a new protocol format which packs more samples in every packet to reduce the latency associated with multiple packets. There are also now more options in the "menuconfig" utility that contain more configuration options without editing the code for every change.

This update will help those who use the HeartyPatch for continuous ECG streaming or using it for other signal acquisition purposes. We’ve seen the HeartyPatch being used for many other applications apart from what it was intended. We will write about some interesting applications in future updates.

A new look and feel for our documentation

We thought our official documentation could look a bit better than it did, so we installed a new theme. It now looks better and easier to navigate, too.

There is also a brand new FAQ Section with common problems that you might face with HeartyPatch and solutions to them. This is based on customer questions that we have received, and we will continue to update this as new questions come in.

Shipping update

We intend to fulfill all orders received until now by the next week. There are still some minor issues in getting batteries in time and it’s has thrown us off schedule a bit.

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