An ECG patch with HRV monitoring that's open source, affordable, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connected.

Feb 06, 2018

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New Partnership Wearable

A new wearable shirt for HeartyPatch and more

First, an update regarding shipping. There is a short delay in shipping out the third batch of devices. This is due to some customs clearance issues with the ECG "snap-in" buttons that are used with the HeartyPatch. Since we buy from only one reliable supplier, we do not want to buy them somewhere else. We will get the issue fixed soon and will resume shipping by the middle of this week, very sorry about that. Be sure that your shipping address is up-to-date by going to your Crowd Supply account

Also, we have been getting questions from a lot of backers regarding programming, features, suggestions etc. We thought it would be best to make an FAQ, this will up on our documentation site very soon. We will send out an update once it is up!

Exciting news - HeartyPatch for sports applications

We posted in one of our earlier updates that we took HeartyPatch to Maker Faire Rome 2017 back in November 2017. Lucky enough for us, we got to meet quite a few interesting people and one of them was Prof. Giuseppe Andreoni from Politecnico di Milano department of design. Prof. Giuseppe and his team work on wearable materials and devices, and they showed interest in the HeartyPatch.

Now, we are pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with the University and we have successfully integrated HeartyPatch with their sports t-shirt (for both women and men) called Pegaso. Below is a picture of one of our team members wearing the t-shirt along with the HeartyPatch and the computer beside showing the data from the setup. There is also a video at the end of this post showing the signal quality.

We got some surprisingly good results out of this setup. When we launched the HeartyPatch campaign, we proposed two applications:

The current HeartyPatch has snap-fit connectors for the ECG electrodes worn on the chest. However, the standard medical-grade electrode pads are designed only for measurement when the person is at rest and for sports applications, the electrodes do not stay on due to sweat and extreme movement.

This is where we were looking for solutions to make this more wearable and stable. In this pursuit, we think we’ve found a perfect fit with Pegaso and will work with Polimi and Prof. Giuseppe’s team to make this available on Crowd Supply soon. The below video shows a short demo of how this shirt works along with HeartyPatch.

If you think something essential is missing from the documentation site, please do send us an email at support@protocentral.com and we would be happy to add that documentation to the site, just let us know! We’re still adding stuff, so please keep checking.

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