An ECG patch with HRV monitoring that's open source, affordable, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connected.

Jan 19, 2018

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Using HeartyPatch in Live ECG Mode via Wi-Fi

We hope most of you have received your HeartyPatch by now and are enjoying using it. We have had a number of questions from users about several features - answers addressed one-by-one:

The HeartyPatch ships with pre-flashed firmware that enables BLE mode with heart rate, R-R intervals and HRV parameters sent over several GATT services. This is to be used along with the HeartyPatch App for Android.

Did you know that the HeartyPatch is also capable of sending real-time ECG data over Wi-Fi?

Directions on how to achieve this are at: http://heartypatch.protocentral.com/streaming-ecg-tcp-mode.html

You will have to reprogram the HeartyPatch in order to get this working, so be prepared to do some compiling!

The GUI executables have also been released. You can now download the GUI for your specific platform from our releases page on GitHub.

If you think something essential is missing from the documentation site, please do send us an email at support@protocentral.com and we would be happy to add that documentation to the site, just let us know! We’re still adding stuff, so please keep checking.

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