An ECG patch with HRV monitoring that's open source, affordable, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connected.

Dec 12, 2017

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Shipping and MFR '17

Shipping update

We have not posted an update for a while now, since we’ve been busy with production and testing of the HeartyPatch for shipping. Thank you to all our backers who made this happen.

We are getting ready to send the first batch of HeartyPatch units from our office in Bangalore, India to Crowd Supply in Portland, USA who will be fulfilling all orders. We are having a few last-minute issues with shipping Li-ion batteries to the US due to all the new battery restrictions. We’re working on trying to source batteries locally in the US, while not affecting quality. We request for your patience and apologize for this delay.

The plan is to have as many packages as possible ship from the warehouse to backers by the end of next week. Please take a moment to check your shipping address on your account page and make any changes within the next 48 hours.

Maker Faire Rome

For the first time, ProtoCentral exhibited this year at Maker Faire Rome 2017. The products we brought to the exhibit were: HeartyPatch and HealthyPi. It went very well, thanks to the great work of the Maker Faire organizers for the amazing event! Italy, and Europe in general, is a new experience for us and we had a great time.

We had a wide range of audience from little kids to even cardiologists curious about how the HeartyPatch works.

We even received a Blue ribbon for "Maker of Merit" from the Maker Faire Rome 2017 curators. This is the first time we received this at any Maker Faire and it encourages us to keep working on HeartyPatch. There was even some Italian press coverage!

Best of all, we received an overwhelming response in the open source hardware movement.

All this has been made possible only by the orders from our backers and we’re immensely grateful for your support.

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