An ECG patch with HRV monitoring that's open source, affordable, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connected.

Dec 27, 2017

Project update 8 of 17


In the previous update, we mentioned there was a delay in receiving batteries. We managed to step around that with a temporary solution thanks to Crowd Supply. The first 50 units of HeartyPatch are now in Crowd Supply’s US warehouse and will be kitted with batteries sourced within the US. Crowd Supply has generously offered to solder the batteries to the boards and then ship them to customers, yay!

We will publish detailed documentation for using the HeartyPatch by the time you receive them. In the meantime, the second batch of HeartyPatch boards are manufactured, undergoing testing, and will be shipping soon.

As always, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number when your order ships. You can see the status of your orders by logging in to your Crowd Supply account. If you have questions about shipping, please check The Crowd Supply Guide.

A Note About the Enclosures

For those of you who ordered enclosures along with your HeartyPatch, we have shipped a 3D-printed PLA enclosure to the Crowd Supply warehouse. These are two halves that join together with snaps on the sides. If these snaps are broken (which may happen since they are very thin), you can simply stick the two halves together with some super glue, which is included in the package.

You can also print your own enclosure. All the STL files as well as the source Sketchup files are in our GitHub repo.

Happy holidays!

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