An ECG patch with HRV monitoring that's open source, affordable, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connected.

Jan 05, 2018

Project update 9 of 17

Shipping the Second Batch!

Crowd Supply has started shipping out the first 50 units of HeartyPatch to those that have ordered the HeartyPatch board only (without the enclosure). The reason behind this decision relates to a mistake that was made in the enclosure design; read on for more.

In the last update, we described the battery availability issue where we had some trouble getting the batteries from our supplier in China at the last minute due to some shipping issues. We stepped around this problem by ordering some batteries from Sparkfun Electronics to Crowd Supply, so they could finish soldering the batteries and start shipping them to you. However, the new batteries were not exactly the same dimensions as the one we had planned, so this resulted in the enclosure not fitting the battery properly.

After some discussion with the team at Crowd Supply, we decided that we would ship out the first 50 units (that we delivered to Crowd Supply about two weeks ago) to those backers that have ordered the HeartyPatch without the enclosure.

Coming to the good news, we will be ready to ship the remaining units in a couple of days!

In this shipment, all backers that ordered the device along with the enclosure would receive it completely assembled. The second batch should be on its way to Crowd Supply soon.

We apologize for the whole situation, but we’re also glad that we were able to recover from it and learnt in the process. The holidays also made things worse as far as shipping was concerned and we will watch out for that in future.

The HeartyPatch app for Android is up

We are happy to announce the initial public Beta release of the HeartyPatch app for Android (sorry Apple users, we still haven’t looked at iOS yet). You can now install the app from the Google Play Store by searching for "heartypatch" or by following the link below.

HeartyPatch App for Android

We do not have much (or any) experience writing apps (since this is our first app), so please bear with us while we keep adding features and improving user experience. However, for basic viewing and logging purposes, the app works fine.

This is what the first screen looks like. Upon starting, it starts scanning for any devices that have the name "HeartyPatch" in them and lists these devices. You can then select which you want to connect to.

Once connected, the app shows all the device parameters including the beat-to-beat heart-rate as well as the heart-rate variability plot. In addition, we also show the basic HRV parameters. More parameters and features will be added later.

Watch out for automatic updates from the Google Play store to get all the new features that we would roll out as and when they are ready.

We will put up the source code for the app as soon as we get a chance to clean up the messy code and make it readable.

HeartyPatch Documentation

We have put up initial documentation for HeartyPatch at the site given below. Again, this is just some basic documentation, and we will have more documentation in the coming days about all the cool things that you can do with HeartyPatch including hacking it and using it for all kinds of purposes.


If you think something very essential is missing from the documentation site, please do send us an email at support@protocentral.com and we would be happy to add that documentation to the site, just let us know!

Thanks again to our awesome backers for helping us make HeartyPatch a reality and for your patience while we worked through problems.

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