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Thank You and Some News

by Ashwin K Whitchurch

Thank you to all those who have supported HeartyPatch over last almost 3 years

We are writing this update with mixed feelings as we transition from the original HeartyPatch project launched in mid-2017 to the production of a commercial, medical-grade wearable device for Cardiac monitoring and Cardiac care. As of now, this means that we will not be selling HeartyPatch through Crowd Supply and all other channels, as we transfer the HeartyPatch design to Patch Inc., a cardiac monitoring start-up based in Cambridge, MA, USA. This was done for a couple of reasons as follows.

  • Based on user feedback and the tremendous response from the medical community, we realized that this project would do more good if it a certified, FDA-approved medical device that can be used in real-world applications.
  • FDA approval and 510k clearance is an expensive and painstaking process which is beyond the ProtoCentral's resources and would be better done by Patch Inc.
  • We are excited about the possibility of seeing this in use in a real medical setting!

HeartyPatch will still remain an open source project, but there would be no future updates to the software and hardware components. The HeartyPatch open-source GitHub repository remains open, and will now be available on Patch Inc.’s GitHub Home.

We owe our sincere gratitude to those who supported us during this campaign and we hope that we have also been in useful to our customers in some way. We are also immensely thankful to the Hackaday Community and the Hackaday team; who were a very big part of our motivation and success.

A quick look back at HeartyPatch’s history

  • April 2017 - The HeartyPatch concept idea was born on a breadboard
  • May 2017 - Entered the Hackaday Prize 2017 with a new entry
  • August 2017 - HeartyPatch campaign launched on Crowd Supply

  • November 2017 - HeartyPatch was chosen among the ‘Top 5 contenders’ for the Hackaday Prize 2017. In the same month, our Crowd Supply campaign was also funded and we started producing.

  • December 2017 - December 2017 took us to Maker Faire Rome where we had a stall showcasing HeartyPatch’s capabilities. We also ended up winning a Blue ribbon for one of the best projects at the Faire.

  • June 2018 - Patch Inc. was officially founded in Cambridge, MA with some seed funding and excellent technical and financial advisors that have been wonderful to work with.

  • May 2020 - After an intense development process and the anxiety associated with making a new product, Patch Inc’s first medical-grade product is ready and waiting for FDA 510k clearance for use as a continuous cardiac monitor!

We will be back!

This is not the end of the consumer version of HeartyPatch. Once our medical-grade device is in the market and completely validated with some clinical trials, HeartyPatch will be back, maybe even on Crowd Supply with a better-than-ever consumer-grade device.

ProtoCentral still has 3 still active projects on Crowd Supply: Sensything, the open source sense anything board, the popular HealthyPi v3 vital signs monitoring HAT for Raspberry Pi and it’s successor, the HealthyPi v4 which has wireless capabilities and other enhanced features. We will back even more new products soon.

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Product Choices


HeartyPatch Basic Kit

Includes the HeartyPatch PCB with ECG button connectors, sheet of 10 disposable electrode pads, a 450 mAH LiPo battery and a Micro-USB cable for programming and charging.


HeartyPatch Deluxe Kit

Includes the HeartyPatch PCB with ECG button connectors, sheet of 10 disposable electrode pads, a 450 mAH LiPo battery and a Micro-USB cable for programming and charging. And a clear 3D printed PLA enclosure/case that can be used with the HeartyPatch Basic Kit for longer-term wearable application.



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