PulseRain M10

The power of FPGA meets the simplicity of Arduino.

Jan 19, 2018

Project update 9 of 11

Early Bird Fulfillment

Dear Backers,

As promised on our campaign page, we will start our first fulfillment for early bird orders by the end of this month, and some of the units have already arrived at Crowd Supply’s warehouse.

For each unit, you will find a QA label attached to the unit, and it bears some hex numbers like AB-CD. This number is the first two bytes of the 64 bit chip ID for the MAX10 FPGA device on that unit. It was recorded during our product ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure) phase.

In addition, to thank all of you who showed faith in our product, we’ve decided to throw a complimentary microSD card in each unit. And thanks again for your support to M10!

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