PulseRain M10

The power of FPGA meets the simplicity of Arduino.

Jan 10, 2018

Project update 8 of 11

Quick Start Guide Print-Out

Dear Backers,

The print-out version of the quick start guide has been produced. The new quick start guide


has been updated to ver 1.3.1 and paper copies have been thus produced based on this version. As promised on our campaign page, each box will also include a paper copy of the quick start guide.

The main reason of the quick start guide being updated to ver 1.3.1 is to make the pictures bigger so that they will look better after they are printed out. The print-out is 24 pages, with a dimension of 5.41 inch x 7 inch in order to fit in the box.

In other news, a new order was also sent to our contract manufacturer in China last week. The delivery is still be on schedule as originally published on the campaign page.

Thanks again for your support to M10!

The front page of the PulseRain M10 Quick Start Guide.

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