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Dec 29, 2017

Thank You!

Dear Backers,

On behalf of PulseRain Technology, I would like to thank all of you for your kind support to the M10 campaign. Although the campaign wasn’t able to meet its original funding goal, many backers still expressed their interest in the M10 board. So after discussion with Crowd Supply, we’ve decided to do the following:

  1. As Crowd Supply can only charge backers for successful campaigns, we will lower our funding goal to meet that rule. However, we will only do that in two weeks from now on. For those who like to cancel their pledges, you can send your cancellation request directly to Crowd Supply and they will cancel your order and you won’t be charged. If we don’t receive your cancellation request by 12:01 AM PST, Friday, January 12, 2018, we will assume you wish to keep your pledge, and we will charge your credit card at that time. The campaign has been extended two weeks to accommodate this period.
  2. We will still keep our original delivery schedule, and will try our best to make the delivery on time. Although the smaller volume means we will lose money in production, it is our greatest pleasure to keep our backers fulfilled. And we have also received many valuable suggestions during the campaign, which means a lot to us!

Thanks again for your support to our campaign. Wish you have a wonderful new year!

Changyi Gu

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Thanks for your vote of confidence, and the gratitude is ours!


M10 x 1

One M10 board kit. The package includes standoffs (3/8 in), screws, washers, a micro Micro USB cable, and a copy of the Quick Start Guide.


M10 x 2

Two M10 board kits. Each kit includes standoffs (3/8 in), screws, washers, and a Micro USB cable. A copy of the Quick Start Guide is also included in the package.


M10 x 4, plus a free book for "Building Embedded Systems"

Four M10 board kits, plus a free copy (soft cover) of "Building Embedded Systems - Programmable Hardware". Each kit includes standoffs (3/8 in), screws, washers, and a Micro USB cable. A copy of the Quick Start Guide is also included in the package. The book is authored by the cheif designer of the M10 board. This book is the author's brain dump of what he has picked up over the past 15+ years of engineering. Some of this knowledge was learned the hard way, with insomnia and hair loss.

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PulseRain Technology

Engineering is not a spectator sport! We strive to provide high quality IP cores as well as embedded system designs for a wide variety of markets. Our craftsmanship, savvy industrial experiences, and engineering passion are what's driving our products to success.

Changyi Gu

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