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Jul 27, 2015

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Campaign Extension

We are excited to announce the decision to extend the Librem 13 crowdfunding campaign for a number of reasons. First off, due to the ongoing popularity of the Librem 15 laptop, we continue to enjoy healthy sales alongside our current Librem 13 campaign. While we are encouraged by the interest in both of our laptops, we have decided to allow for more time with the Librem 13 campaign to ensure our goal is reached, as we cannot use the funds from recent sales of our Librem 15 toward the Librem 13 campaign. The second reason concerns the fact that we have several requests from major press outlets to review a limited number prototype units. We feel it would be beneficial to the campaign, as well as our backers and potential backers, to have the units reviewed, and to have those reviews published, which will take more time than currently allotted to the campaign.

We are going to place the fabrication order for the Librem 13 laptops this week, making them available beginning in September.

While we think extending the campaign is a good thing for everyone involved, we also realize it is a change in the terms originally set forth. As such, we will respect any order cancellation requests from anyone who has already backed the campaign. Of course, we hope you will continue to support the Librem 13 campaign, in which case you don’t need to do anything and your pledge will remain unchanged. In any case, we’re happy to address any questions or concerns you have about this extension.

Thank you all very much!

Todd Weaver and the Purism Team

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